Global IME Capital Limited

Fund Manager & Depository

Global IME Capital Limited (GICL) (then Elite Capital Ltd.) was incorporated in May 2008 under the Nepalese Companies Act 2007 and licensed by the Securities Board of Nepal under the Securities Act, 2007 to undertake merchant banking activities (Issue Management and Registrar to Shares). The Company has commenced its operations from August 2008. This is the first specialized merchant banking company in the history of Nepalese Capital Market.



The Samunnat Fund is the first Fund floated by Global IME Capital in 2015, which is a Closed-Ended Balanced Fund investing in equity related securities and fixed income securities with a prospect to generate regular income together with capital appreciation in the long term. The Fund is managed by a professional fund manager to oversee the activities of the unit trust and safeguard the interest of the investors in the fund.

Silent Features of the Scheme:

Scheme Name:

Global IME Samunnat Fund

Scheme Nature:

Growth Fund

Scheme Size:

NRs. 800,000,000(Eight Hundred Million)

Scheme Type:

Closed- End

Number of Issued Units:

Eighty Million

Per Unit Price:

NRs. 10 (NRs. 10)

Minimum Units to be sold:

40,000,000 (Forty Million)

Maximum units that can be allotted:

One Hundred Million

Scheme Duration:

7 Years

Scheme Maturity Date:

7 Years from the date of allotment of the Units

Minimum Purchase Units:

100 (One Hundred)

Maximum Purchase Units:

8,000,000 (8 Million Units)

Fund Sponsor:

Global IME Bank Limited, Kantipath, Kathmandu

Fund Manager & Depository:

Global IME Capital Limited (A subsidiary of Global IME Bank Limited)