portfolio management


Creating and managing investment portfolio is not an easy job, with hundreds of investments to pick from, decision making requires ample time devotion and superior screening capabilities. GICL as your Portfolio manager will leverage its insights and sift through the entire market to find the investments that is right for your overall investment portfolio. Within PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT Services we offer "Discretionary Portfolio Management Services", "Non-Discretionary Portfolio Management Services" & "Portfolio Advisory Services".

GICL Portfolio Management Schemes

  1. Discretionary Portfolio Management
  2. Non - Discretionary Portfolio Management
  3. Advisory Services
  4. Administrative Services


  1. Discretionary Portfolio Management

If your time is precious and you want “Your hard earned money to work harder than you do” Discretionary Portfolio Management is designed for you.

GICL’s team of experts creates and manages your investment portfolio, reporting regularly on returns, leaving you free to pursue other concerns. We develop a tailor made portfolio through a strategic process which involves framing investment objectives based on your risk return trade off, time/ liquidity/ tax/ legal/ unique constraints and then identifying the appropriate allocation of assets in conjunction to the current market expectation to succinctly meet those objectives. Following are the range of products on offer;

GICL Balanced Oriented Portfolio (BOP)

GICL presents balanced oriented portfolio to mitigate the unfavorable events of the market. This product generates capital appreciation along with current income from a combined portfolio of equity & equity related instruments and debt and money market instruments. This product helps to maximize the return by balancing the assets, keeping in mind the return requirement and risk appetite of the clients. It provides the flexibility to juggle around the assets as per the market events, which positions the balanced product as a lower risk alternative while retaining the upside potential from the equity exposure.


  • Diversification: The funds are invested in both equity and debt financial securities leading to diversification of investments.
  • Lower risk Tolerance: Balanced funds are comparatively less risky to pure equity investment.
  • More stable returns: Equity portion will provide the capital appreciation through stock prices appreciation through stock prices appreciation and dividend income. Whereas, Debt and fixed income portion can provide stability through interest income and appreciation in Bond Price.
  • Asset Allocation & Re-balance: Assets are allocated and rebalanced as per the prevailing markets events.


  • The product is suitable for investors who are seeking: Capital appreciation along with the current income (dividend).
  • Investment predominantly in equity and equity related instruments with balance exposure to debt and money market instruments.


Minimum Investment: NRS. 300,000

Time Horizon: 3 Years Lock in Period

Asset Allocation

40 – 60% Equities

40 – 60% Fixed Income Instrument & Fixed Deposit


GICL Income Oriented Portfolio (IOP)

GICL Income Oriented Portfolio comes to investor as a Flexi Fixed Deposit Plan whereby the portfolio will have regular cash flow streams as in fixed deposits schemes combined with withdrawal flexibility and higher returns from Income Stocks in equity market. IOP is constructed around income- producing assets that sync with the investor’s need of constant and steady income. It is a systematic payment plan whereby the investor receives a constant amount on a quarter/ semiannually or annual basis with an added option to withdraw a per- specified percentage of the initial capital commitment.


  • Retiree seeking constant and steady returns to fund their retirement income needs and willing to freeze their money in Fixed Deposit for returns.
  • Individuals looking to fund their regular short term obligations by matching it with regular cash inflows, for e.g. EMI, School Fee.
  • Foreign salaried employees and NRNs’ intending to provide fixed monthly or quarterly income to their beneficiaries in Nepal.
  • High Net worth NRNs’ intending to serve on philanthropic cause by providing fixed monthly or quarterly donation to NGOs’/INGOs’.


  • A competitive yield; Higher yields than offered by savings vehicles such as bank accounts, money markets and CDs. Aligns portfolio with investor’s liquidity requirement.
  • Aligns portfolio with investor’s liquidity requirement.
  •  Higher Portion of Investment in Comparatively Lower Risk Securities’.
  •  Option of withdrawal without further charges.
  • Rupee cost averaging; Benefit from Stock Market Volatility.


Minimum Investment: NRS. 1,500,000

Withdrawal Limit up to 20% of Initial Investment

Time Horizon: 3 Years Lock in Period

Asset Allocation

50 – 60% Equities

40 – 50% Fixed Income and Money Market Instruments


GICL Systematic Portfolio (SIP)

GICL Systematic Portfolio is built around the concept of “Systematic Investment Plan”. This portfolio aims at wealth creation by investing predetermined amount at regular intervals (monthly or quarterly) over the investment horizon.


  • Salaried People with excess disposable income, with a wish to invest in financial markets but have difficulties as to the areas of investment and in timing the market.
  • People with future commitments and intending to fund those commitments with current plus future savings assisted by the returns generated from investment of these saving.
  • Foreign salaried employees and NRN’s who doesn’t have direct access to Nepalese Capital Market and wish to invest part of their earnings on regular and systematic basis.
  • People guided by the principles of disciplined savings.



  • Stress Free way of investing: Investor does not have to worry about timing the market.
  • Short Term Fluctuation doesn’t harm as much.
  • Lighter on the Wallet; Smaller denominations investment.
  • Plan for the future needs and obligations.
  • Power of compounding; Small investments create Big Kitty over time.
  • Rupee cost averaging; Benefit from Stock Market Volatility.   


Minimum Investment: NRS. 300,000

Minimum Systematic Investment Amount: NRS. 10,000

Time Horizon: 3 Years Lock in Period

Asset Allocation

65 – 75% Equities

25 – 35% Fixed Income Instruments


GICL Growth Oriented Portfolio (GOP)

GICL Growth Oriented Portfolio is a diversified equity portfolio that endeavors to achieve long term growth through capital appreciation. The portfolio manager maintains a diversified portfolio by investing heavily in a basket of stocks without any undue concentration in any stock or sector and nominally in fixed income or money market securities. The focus is on identifying stocks with attractive growth prospects that are currently undervalued.


  • Client seeking long term growth (Capital Appreciation).
  • Have a long term investment time horizon and an aggressive risk tolerance.
  • Have both high ability and willingness to accept and withstand a high level of risk and volatility in pursuit of high long term results.

Minimum Investment: NRS. 300,000

Lock in Period: 3 Years

Asset Allocation

75 - 85% Equities

15 - 25% Fixed Income Securities


GICL Annuity Oriented Portfolio (AOP)

GICL Annuity Oriented Portfolio is framed to cater the needs of “Retirement Plans” and “Future Financial Funding”. Retirement plans provide you with financial security so that when your employment income starts to ebb, you still continue to maintain the living standard. Given the ever increasing cost of living and inflation, retirement planning has become important. Future Financial Funding provide you with the necessary fund to meet your and your family’s future plans, your long term bulk- liability obligations, your wish for travel and leisure at a future date. GICL offers you an “OPEN” approach whereby we give you the honors to decide how you want your retirement needs to be framed i.e. you may want a lump sum amount few years down the line or else fixed periodic payments after a certain period.


Minimum Investment: NRS. 300,000

Lock in Period: “Open”

Cash Flow Streams (Returns): “Open”

Asset Allocation

“Structured Product”



Guaranteed Portfolio (GP)

GICL presents guaranteed oriented portfolio which goes one step further and ensures that a fixed return is paid out are in the guaranteed return space. The income is guaranteed, so you don’t need to worry about any changes in the markets or the economy. With a number of different products offered by money market, we shall invest your money on income product with minimal risk. This product offers a fixed rate of return for a specific term, with both principal and return guaranteed.


  • Investor seeking returns but want a guarantee over their capital.
  • Investor with low willingness as well as capacity to take risk.
  • Investor who wants to play safe amidst the market the volatility.


  • Designed for you to automatically save regularly while retaining your capital.
  • Offers you regular income for a specific term.
  • Stay ahead of volatile market rate of return.

Asset Allocation

“As per discretion of GICL”


  1. Non- Discretionary Portfolio Management

Global IME Capital understands that some investors prefer to have more control over their portfolios; hence, we offer non- discretionary service where we contact clients to make recommendations.

Investment recommendation and execution timing shall be instructed by the client. The execution of the trade shall be done by the Portfolio manager. However, upon the client’s request, we do facilitate research service to have a reasonable and adequate basis for his/her investment decision.


  1. Advisory Portfolio Management Services

If you like watching the markets, evaluating economic research and making all your investment decisions independently, then our Investment Advisory Service is appropriate for you.

GICL offers advisory services whereby we advise client which stocks to buy, which to sell, which industry stocks to accumulate, which industry stocks to divest based on the fundamental and technical analysis of securities, industries and the financial market expectations. We also provide service to track your “Self-managed portfolio’s” performance upon request.


  1. Administrative Services

We safe keep and undertake administration functions for securities or financial instruments on behalf of our clients, while keeping accurate records of ownership.


GICL Administrative Service aims to facilitate services such as applying for right share, collecting bonus share and cash dividend, dematerializing of physical share and accommodating any other requested client needs.

We will manage administrative tasks on your behalf and you will have a full control over your investment decisions. Our team will help you with your portfolio to keep it updated and will monitor your purchases and sales of securities and also guide you with the current market announcements of Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), auctions, Further Public Offerings (FPOs) and many more.